Valeriy F. Tsepelev. Ensuring transport security in the context of the tasks of the criminal policy of the Russian Federation

UDK: 343.271

Valeriy F. Tsepelev - Doctor of Law, professor, honored lawyer of the Russian Federation, Academy of Management of the MIA of Russia, The Kutafin Moscow State Law University (MSAL)

Abstract. The current paper has considered the concepts of “national security”, “threat to national security”, “tasks of criminal policy” and how they are interconnected with enforcing transport security. The attention has been focused on the National Security Strategy of the Russian Federation in the context of the criminal policy of the Russian Federation. There has been indicated the significance of crime as a threat to the national security of Russia in general, and transport security in particular. There have been analyzed the main threats to transport security and the types of objects of criminal law protection that develop in the considered legal relations. There has been developed an approach to solve the problems related to the strategy and tactics of combating crime in this area, as well as to improve the criminal and related legislation of the Russian Federation.

Keywords: national security; transport security; enforcement of transport security; criminality; criminal policy; tasks of criminal policy; criminal law; criminal legal means.


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