Aleksey M. Voronov. Threats and challenges to the national security of modern Russia in the context of social tension

UDK: 342.3:323

Aleksey M. Voronov - Doctor of Law, professor, Main researcher of RC 4, All-Russian research Institute of the MIA of Russia

Abstract. In the current paper the author has considered the threats and challenges to the national security of the Russian Federation, because of the current negative geopolitical situation in modern society, which are caused, first of all, by the special military operation carried out by the Russian Federation to denazify and demilitarize Ukraine. Also, a significant threat to the national security of Russia in the current conditions of social tension is a cognitive threat based on the use of “vulnerabilities of the human brain” and having a synergistic effect in combination with the man-made pandemic of the coronavirus COVID-19. An equally significant threat to the security of modern Russia is the ethnic component, which has now been transformed from a security challenge into a more capacious concept, namely migration security.

Keywords: national security; threats and challenges; social tension; cognitive threat; migration security.


  1. Voronov, A. M. Strategiya natsional'naya bezopasnosti: ugrozy i vyzovy sovremennoy Rossii [National security strategy: threats and challenges of modern Russia] / A. M. Voronov // Aktual'nyye problemy administrativnogo prava i protsessa. — 2022. — № 1. — S. 46—49.

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