Valentina G. Sidorenko, Lyudmila N. Loginova. Current facets of educational activities to ensure information security of the transport industry

UDK: 372.8:378:656

Valentina G. Sidorenko - Doctor of Technical Sciences, professor, Russian University of Transport, valenfalk@mail.ru

Lyudmila N. Loginova - Candidate of Technical Sciences, associate professor, Russian University of Transport, ludmilanv@mail.ru

Abstract. In modern conditions, there is a great need in specialists working in the field of cyber security and information protection, especially to ensure the smooth operation of the transport industry. The current paper deals with the analysis of facets of educational activities of the department “Information Management and Protection” of RUT (MIIT), which trains specialists of “Cyber security”. There has been presented an overview of the educational program. There has been formulated the principles underlying the training of cyber security specialists in RUT (MIIT). There have been demonstrated the themes which are studied as part of the educational program.

Keywords: cyber security; information protection; information security; staff training; vulnerability; risk.


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