Sergey L. Lobachev. Transport education in Russia in the context of its digitalization: the state and some prospects

UDK: 378.018.43:656

Sergey L. Lobachev - Doctor of Technical Sciences, professor, Russian University of Transport

Abstract. The current paper has discussed the main tendencies in transport education in Russia, underlined its most significant distinctive features and their reflection in the directions of the Russian transport system development, set out in the Transport Strategy of the Russian Federation. There has been noted that since the beginning of the XXI century the main tendency in the education of Russia has been centralization, which is implemented in the form of establishing federal, flagship and network universities. Based on the previous analysis of software platforms of transport universities, there was drawn a conclusion that universities of this profile have modern distance learning systems, which are based on the Moodle platform common to most universities. The experience accumulated in transport universities during the educational process using distance learning technologies allows speaking about the reality of the project of a network transport university in Russia. The organizational and legal form of such a university should be a consortium of transport universities, which implies an equal partnership of all participating universities. This project is aimed at integrating the scientific potential of transport universities and improving the quality of training the transport specialists by strengthening cooperation, interuniversity connection, and cooperation with transport industry enterprises in the Russian Federation. There has been drawn a conclusion that in the context of digitalization of the transport industry and the economy, these are network universities that have the highest potential, since they combine the potential advantages of various universities on a voluntary basis, providing conditions for mutual enrichment both in methodological and technological facets.

Keywords: integration of educational programs; distance learning platforms; transport education; network transport university.


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