Tatiana B. Mordvinova, Aleksandr S. Skaridov. Law regulation of port state control to reduce ships’ vulnerability to cyber attacks

UDK: 341.225:004

Tatiana B. Mordvinova - Maritime Law Agency (St. Petersburg); Admiral Makarov State University of Maritime and Inland Shipping, mla@oceanlaw.ru

Aleksandr S. Skaridov - Admiral Makarov State University of Maritime and Inland Shipping, alexskar94@hotmail.com

Abstract. Today, the process of digitalization is increasingly active in the field of maritime transport, namely electronic navigation is developing, management processes are being automated, software products are being introduced into almost all ship systems such as communication, cargo handling and management, ship control, ship power equipment, power supply, etc. The development and adoption of law regulations aimed at reducing ships’ vulnerability to cyber-attacks, the actions of malicious software and, as a result, increasing navigation security is a function of state control in the field of the maritime industry, and a responsibility of a captain of the seaport. Cyber threats are not a new phenomenon for the maritime industry, but the regulatory framework for counteraction is in the process of formation. According to the authors, the main responsibility of e-information circulation control in relation to ships in ports should belong to the seaport administration, and the development of law regulations should belong to the government.

Keywords: maritime transport; state port control; state regulation; seaport administration; cyber threats; navigation security; legal support.


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