Aleksey N. Loskutov. New requirements in aviation security. Harmonization of aviation and transport security

UDK: 347.822.4

Aleksey N. Loskutov - inspection shift supervisor of the SAB JSC “Airport Abakan”, Khakass State University named after N.F. Katanov

Abstract. The relevance of the current study is due to the importance of the security of air transportation, the degree of which directly depends on the timely availability of a legal and regulatory procedure for its regulation. In the context of the worldwide development of digital technologies, information security of civil aviation plays an important role in the safe operation of the country's air fleet. The author of the paper has analyzed international and national law in terms of protecting transport infrastructure and vehicles from unauthorized interference in air traffic control systems and transmission of critical information, within the framework of the legislation on aviation and transport security. The current study has used formal logical and comparative methods. Based on the study results, there have been formulated conclusions on the priority tasks of the legislator to bring national law to a unified position, according to the established international practice of ensuring civil aviation security of.

Keywords: transport security; aviation security; information security; cyber defense; ratio of security systems.


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