Marina S. Maksina. Legal aspects of information security and psychological safety of an individual on transport in a pandemic

UDK: 347.463:637.032

Marina S. Maksina - post graduate of the Law Institute of the Russian University of Transport

Abstract. The current paper has considered the problems of information-psychological protection of the individual in the conditions of preventing a spread of mass infectious diseases on transport. The paper has analyzed present approaches to the study of legal aspects of information security and psychological safety of an individual on transport. There has been emphasized that the current information technologies have a significant effect on the consciousness of people and their psyche. The introduction of immune, so-called ‘digital’ passports on transport has been considered as new challenges and threats in the context of a pandemic, which made the search for new ways to counteract information-psychological, destructive effects on an individual extremely relevant. Thus, in the process of widespread introduction of digital technologies on transport, the factor of information and psychological protection of an individual should be taken into account as one of the priorities. The solution of the organizational and legal problems to prevent a spread of mass infectious diseases on transport should be accompanied by establishing an effective mechanism in a difficult epidemiological situation to ensure safety of passengers and workers of the transport complex, including enforcement of information security. The introduction of health passports, immune passports, digital passports, a biometric face recognition system on various modes of transport, the use of technologies that help to observe the quarantine regime by citizens infected with coronavirus (e.g. geolocation control of mobile devices, tracking the movements of citizens using video cameras at transport infrastructure facilities, etc.) have predetermined even greater relevance of issues of legal support of information security and psychological safety of an individual.

Keywords: informational security and psychological safety of an individual; negative information and psychological effects; enforcement of information security; transport safety/security; pandemic; COVID-19; immune passport; digital passport.


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