Marina V. Mazaeva. Urgent organizational and legal issues of certification of transport security enforcement staff

UDK: 351.81

Marina V. Mazaeva - consultant for the department ‘Transport Security Management’ of the Federal Agency for Maritime and River Transport

Abstract. The current paper has presented the results of the conducted systemic and legal analysis of one of the urgent issues of legal regulation in the field of transport security, which is problematic in nature and is directly related to the procedures for certification of transport security enforcement staff. Based on the analysis of regulatory legal acts, educational and scientific literature, the author of the paper has made a conclusion that currently the legislation does not fully regulate the issue of unambiguous and complete determination of the range of applicants for certification, which practically results in a conflict of interest between the employee and the employer with an appropriate certification when changing his place of work. The author has emphasized the fact that currently the employer is the only owner of the issued certificates of transport security enforcement staff. This conclusion has been confirmed by the fact that, according to the current legislation, only the employer is a contractual party of the agreement on certification, with the certification body and (or) the certification organization. According to the results of a formal dogmatic analysis of legal acts, there has been established that the employer in the arising legal relationship is the owner of transport infrastructure and (or) vehicles intended for cargo and passenger transportation, or a legal entity that is a transport security unit, or an organization claiming accreditation as such divisions. Accordingly, it is the employer who finances the activities related to accreditation and certification. Due to this fact, the issue of the certificate by the employer to the certified employee, if he changes his place of work, can be made only on a voluntary basis if there is no conflict of interest. If there are various conflicts of interest, the certificate is not issued to the employee by the employer. It is considered to be quite logical and reasonable that this circumstance significantly reduces the possibility for the owner of transport infrastructure facilities and (or) vehicles intended for cargo and passenger transportation to implement the established requirements in the field of transport security.

Keywords: transport security enforcement; transport security enforcement staff; certification of transport security enforcement staff.


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