Viktor Iv. Liseenko, Vladislav D. Romanenkov. The right to drive vehicles carrying passengers: problems of identifying and controlling Russian and foreign drivers with revoked driving licenses

UDK: 347.463:656.072.5

Viktor Iv. Liseenko - acting deputy chief state inspector of state traffic supervision of the North Ural Interregional Department of State Road Supervision; state civil service counselor of the 2nd class; senior lecturer of the department ‘Road transport operation’ of the Tyumen Industrial University; applicant of Candidate of Law

Vladislav D. Romanenkov - General Director of the Ltd “Transport Control”, student of the Institute of State and Law of the Tyumen State University

Abstract. In accordance with the instruction of the Eurasian Intergovernmental Council “On the mutual recognition of national and international driving licenses issued in one state - a member of the Eurasian Economic Union, for doing business on the territory of another country of the Eurasian Economic Union”, the vehicles carrying out passenger on the territory of the Russian Federation are allowed to be driven by the citizens of the EAEU member states. Current practice has shown that Traffic police officers (Gosavtodornadzor), when carrying out control, as well as officials of road transport enterprises which release vehicles on the line, have been faced with the problem of identifying foreign drivers on the validity of their national driving licenses (the fact of revoked driving licenses). According to the authors, the problem is in the inability to obtain data on the validity of the national driving licenses of foreign drivers, for example, through information exchange between foreign and Russian databases of national driving licenses. The lack of a technical and legal basis for conducting such reconciliations does not allow timely identifying potential offenders. In this connection, unscrupulous citizens of the neighboring countries often take advantage of it, remaining unnoticed, and successfully work as bus drivers in various regions of Russia. In addition, the authors of the current paper have identified the problem of legal regulation of interaction between business entities and the Traffic police of the Russian Federation to get urgent information about the revocation of driving licenses from Russian drivers.

Keywords: control; Traffic police; Gosavtodornadzor; driver; vehicle; driving license; a right to drive vehicles; revocation of driving license; legislation.


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