Lyudmila M. Gruzdeva. Digital characteristics of the condition and structure of transport crimes during the period of self-isolation

UDK: 343.9

Lyudmila M. Gruzdeva - Candidate of Technical Sciences, associate professor of the department ‘Informational technologies in jurisprudence and management documentation’ of the Law Institute of the Russian University of Transport , professor of the Russian Academy of Natural History (RANH)

Abstract. To assess the effect of the self-isolation regime on the criminality, the current paper has presented a statistical analysis of the characteristics of transport crimes in the Russian Federation in the second quarter of 2020. The conducted study has led to the conclusion that the restrictions on the movement of citizens around the country and the world contributed to a decrease in criminal activities and thereby reduced the number of registered crimes in transport. However, the qualitative structure of the crime map remained the same. In the pandemic situation, the activity of cybercriminals has increased, because of the transition of organizations to a telecommuting. In the current paper the author has considered the examples of successful attacks on the information resources of transport companies.

Keywords: self-isolation; transport crimes; structure of transport crimes; types of transport crimes.


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