Yury V. Kosolapov, Anna Al. Sivova. Transportation of offenders by specific transport means in foreign countries

UDK: 348.3

Yury V. Kosolapov - Candidate of Chemical Sciences, associate professor of the department ‘Customs law and organization of the customs affairs’ of the Law Institute of the Russian University of Transport

Anna Al. Sivova - Candidate of Philological Sciences, head of the department for the study of domestic and foreign experience, history of the penitentiary system, comparative analysis of the penitentiary law of the Research Institute of the Federal Penitentiary Service of Russia

Abstract. The current paper has considered the problem of the transportation of convicted persons and persons taken into custody in foreign countries, based on the requirements of international regulations, national legislation in the field of escorting this category of people, as well as on penitentiary practice in the United States, Great Britain and Switzerland. There has been consistently proved that the modification and technical characteristics of any type of specific transport for escorting offenders must meet its purpose due to the principles of humanity with respect to those accompanied and traffic safety.

Keywords: convicted; person taken into custody; penitentiary system; transportation; escort.


  1. Sivova, A. A. Sovershenstvovaniye spetsial'nogo nazemnogo transporta ugolovno-ispolnitel'noy sistemy v 1980-ye gody [Improvement of special ground transportation of the penitentiary system in the 1980s] // IV mezhdunarodnyy penitentsiarnyy forum «Prestupleniye, nakazaniye, ispravleniye» : sbornik tezisov vystupleniy i dokladov uchastnikov, k 140-letiyu ugolovno-ispolnitel'noy sistemy Rossii i 85-letiyu Akademii FSIN Rossii : v 10 tomakh. — Moskva, 2019.

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