Nikolay Al. Dukhno. School of Transport Law

UDK: 347.463

Nikolay Al. Dukhno - Doctor of Law, professor, Director of Law Institute of the Russian University of Transport, honorary worker of higher education of the Russian Federation

Abstract. The current paper substantiates the need to establish a structure that is able to focus efforts on the fruitful use and application of transport law in the formation of transport relations. The author gives the reasons to the need to set up a school of transport law, determines a goal and tasks to be solved by this new institution. The functioning of the school does not require budget funding. The rich experience in the establishing and developing of the Law Institute MIIT confirms the possibility to set up such a school, which will ensure the development of proposals for the systematization of transport legislation and make it more accessible for implementation in transport practice. Due to combining forces and means, the school will become the institution that will be able to develop and implement unique programs of additional professional education. The functioning of the school will ensure an increase in the level of legal culture of transport workers.

Keywords: school of transport law; code of transport legislation; advanced training; legal culture; legal advice; law and order in transport.


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