Alla V. Pavlova. Legal aspects of the digital transformation of railway transport and logistics

UDK: 347.463:656.2

Alla V. Pavlova - Candidate of Economic Sciences, associate professor of the department 'Customs Law and Organization of the Customs Affairs' of the Law Institute of the Russian University of Transport

Abstract. Modern information technologies and technical means, together with the development of scientific and technological progress, eliminate the boundaries between technology and science and contribute to the penetration of innovation in all spheres and sectors of the economy and society. The formation of a digital economy is a strategic development goal of the Russian Federation. Various spheres and sectors of the Russian economy are going through a digital transformation based on digital technologies. Railway transport and logistics related to the field of transport and logistics are no exception. The current paper discusses the current legal and regulatory aspects governing the transport and logistics field in Russia on the example of railway transport logistics and the regulation of its digitalization. These legislative documents make it possible to carry out digital public regulation and management in order to achieve the goals and maximum effect.

Keywords: railway transport; digitalization; digital transformation; logistics; legal aspects.


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