Mikhail V. Klenov. Permanent education in the system of career lifts for young transport specialists

UDK: 378.667.1:656

Mikhail V. Klenov - Candidate of Medical Sciences, Pro-rector of the Russian University of Transport

Abstract. The current paper analyzes the importance of the permanent education as a factor that ensures self-determination and career progress for young transport specialists. It considers the role of training at the Russian University of Transport as a career lift for young transport specialists. There have been formulated some suggestions on improving youth policy directions, on ensuring the interconnection of organizational and legal incentives for self-development of the personality of a student and a young specialist with mechanisms for forming professional competence of the transport workers during the development of Russia's transport system in accordance with the priorities, goals and objectives of the Transport Strategy of the Russian Federation for the period up to 2030.

Keywords: development of the transport system of Russia; staff training; permanent education; career; young transport specialists.


  1. Pashkov, K. A. Gorizonty novykh kompetentsiy [Horizons of new competencies] // Transport Rossii. — 2019. — № 35 (1102).

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