Aleksey V. Vasiliev. Freight transportation contract (including the use of third-party carriages) under the pre-revolutionary legislation of Russia

UDK: 656(091)(470+571)

Aleksey V. Vasiliev - post graduate of the Law Institute of the Russian University of Transport

Abstract. The current paper deals with the consideration of the historical aspects of the formation and development of the institution freight transportation contract in domestic legislation. The author has analyzed the norms of the 1885 General Charter of Russian Railways, which determined the rights and obligations of the freight transportation contract. Separately, there have been analyzed the relations of the parties under this contract in the case when the carrier uses rolling stock (carriages) belonging to third parties. A retrospective analysis of the railway legislation allowed the author to formulate some proposals to improve modern civil legislation in the part dealing with contract on freight transported by rail.

Keywords: freight transportation contract; railway transport; rolling stock; carriages; bill of lading; consignor; consignee.


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