Oleg Ig. Matyukhin. Problematic issues of determining air transport facilities serviced by internal affairs bodies

UDK: 351.814

Oleg Ig. Matyukhin - Academy of Management of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia

Abstract. The current paper deals with the characteristics of air transport facilities from the point of view of their service by the internal affairs bodies. The organizational activities of the law enforcement agencies under limited resources should be aimed at optimizing the process of ensuring public safety at air transport facilities. The methodological basis of the study was the general dialectical method of scientific knowledge, as well as the methods of deduction and induction, generalization, and description. There has been conducted an analysis of normative legal acts of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia and the Ministry of Transport of Russia in the field of aviation and transport security. There has been substantiated a content of some objects of the air transport complex, considering their criminality and the greater possibility to commit illegal acts on them. There have been clarified some objects that are of interest for ensuring public safety on them. There have been drawn conclusions that security at air transport facilities is enforced by a targeted approach in organizing the activities of the law enforcement agencies, aviation security services (operators) and departmental security of the Ministry of Transport of Russia.

Keywords: ensuring public safety; air transport object; operational service facilities.


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