Roman Al. Mazhinsky. Problems of detecting car-sharing vehicle thefts committed by minors using a someone’s or fake account

UDK: 343.71

Roman Al. Mazhinsky - post graduate of the department of the of the department of criminal law disciplines of the Law School of the Institute of Law and Management of the Moscow City Pedagogical University, a lecturer of the Law College of the Russian University of Transport

Abstract. The purpose of the current paper was to analyze the reasons for the committing and the problems of identifying cases of unlawful seizure of car-sharing vehicles without the purpose of theft by minors using someone's or fake account registered in the service of the rental company. The author has made an attempt to propose legal and technical ways of resolving problems in this area. The author has also drawn the attention of legislators and made a proposal on the necessity to provide in the law that the fact of acquiring someone's or fake car-sharing account should be considered an attempt, and not preparation for this crime, since the latter does not make it possible to bring the offender to criminal liability. In addition, the author has proposed to supply the currently developed car-sharing bill with the norms obliging the car sharing operator to inform law enforcement agencies about the revealed facts of minors traveling on their cars. There has been also proposed to oblige the rental companies to provide technical means in their vehicles that make the registration process in the account inaccessible to minor intruders, and their identification and exposure if a crime is committed.

Keywords: car sharing; vehicles; unlawful seizure of a vehicle without the purpose of theft; theft; fake account; forced stop of the vehicle.


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