Igor V. Kiselevich. The features of inspection and fixation of vehicle damages when using the Europrotocol

UDK: 343.98 (347.948.2)

Igor V. Kiselevich - Candidate of Law, associate professor of the department ‘Criminal Law, Criminal Procedure and Criminalistics’ of the Law Institute of the Russian University of Transport

Abstract. There are many road accidents on the roads of this country. Acccording to the effects on vehicles and people, they can be both of minor and major effect. And in all cases, it is necessary to inspect and fix damage to cars in order to study them. The analysis of civil cases on road traffic accidents shows that many drivers, in order to save time, negotiate with each other without calling the traffic police officers, then draw up the so-called "Europrotocol" and send it to their insurance companies to pay compensation or restore cars in specialized auto repair shops. The current paper has considered the features of inspection and fixation of damage to vehicles by car owners without calling the traffic police to the scene, and also analyzed Art. 11.1 of the Federal Law "On Compulsory Insurance of Civil Liability of Vehicle Owners".

Keywords: road traffic accident; transport and trace expertise; vehicle; inspection of the scene; the Europrotocol.


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