Dato R. Makharadze. The application results of the July 13, 2015 No. 246-ФЗ Federal Law in the Department of State Automobile and Road Supervision

UDK: 351.811.12

Dato R. Makharadze - senior state inspector of the Department of State Automobile and Road Supervision of the Rostransnadzor

Abstract. The current paper has analyzed the introduction of a number of significant amendments to the Federal Law “On the Protection of the Rights of Legal Entities and Individual Entrepreneurs in the Implementation of State Control (Supervision) and Municipal Control”. The authors have studied the results of the weakening of the control impact on legal entities and entrepreneurs in the field of automobile transport and road economy. The paper has analyzed the changes in the existing way of interaction of the control and supervisory authority with economy entities by introducing holidays for small and medium-sized businesses and the transition to a risk-based approach in state control. The paper has considered the practice of creating a checklist taking into account the risk level of an economic entity, introducing transport control information systems based on the risk-based approach method and allowing remote monitoring of entities, contactless interaction with entities, and making decisions on supervisory response measures. Based on the application of systematic legal analysis methods, there have been studied the results of the planned inspections conducted by the Rostransnadzor. There has been estimated the statistical data on holding persons administratively liable since 2015. There has been also considered the efficiency of such a form of control and supervision activity as planned (raid) inspections of vehicles, which are carried out without interaction with economic entities. According to the study results there have been determined the directions of further study of the issue.

Keywords: control and supervision activity; supervised holidays; risk oriented approach; automobile transport; road economy.


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