Sergey An. Taraskaev. Problems and prospects of forensic research of locking and sealing devices used on freight trains

UDK: 343.9

Sergey An. Taraskaev - Candidate of Law, associate professor of the department of informational technologies in jurisprudence and document supply of management, Law Institute of the Russian University of Transport

Abstract. The paper discusses the current state and prospects of forensic research of locking and sealing devices used in the freight transportation by railway. There has been given statistical information of the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs on the theft of railway freights committed from 2017 to present. It has been noted that the investigation of these crimes is of great difficulty, since on average 35% of all recorded crimes remain unsolved over the year. There has been considered the general characteristic of locking and sealing devices permitted in the Russian Federation and used in the railway freight transportation. The author makes a conclusion that the expert’s opinion is a reliable source of evidence used in criminal proceedings. The paper has analyzed the objectives of the forensic research of locking and sealing devices, the object and stages of the study. The author has considered the main methods of unauthorized impact on locking and sealing devices. There has been formulated an approximate list of issues that can be solved by trace evidence examination. The author has also come to the conclusion that in order to improve the forensic expert activity on establishing methods and mechanisms for unauthorized impact on locking and sealing devices used in railway transport facilities it is necessary to develop a modern unified integrated methodology. In the author’s opinion the methodology may include uniform recommendations for forensic experts with reference materials on the dismantling algorithm for locking and sealing devices with photographic materials, and systematization of possible methods of unauthorized impact on locking and sealing devices according to the experience in this field.

Keywords: freight transportation; a locking and sealing device (ZPU); rolling stock; crimes against property; special knowledge; transport; trace evidence examination.


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