Elena Ig. Cheremina. The impact of digital technology on transport industry modernization

UDK: 656:005.932

Elena Ig. Cheremina - Master’s Degree student, Volga State University of Water Transport

Abstract. Artificial intelligence research has had a boom in the past few decades. This happened mainly due to the groundbreaking results of the 1960s and 1970s, including the use of advanced neural networks (NNs). The main area where artificial intelligence is on its peak, is transport. There is no doubt that the transport system is experiencing a huge transformation, and the traditional transport industry is keen into a new development vector using digital technologies. It is important to understand the directions in which national security issues are formed in the field of transport, based on digital transformation and various processes of technical interaction through networks and neural networks, which can pose a threat to national security without proper legal regulation. The paper has discussed the issues related to the impact of information and communication technologies in the transport industry, which can result in rapid and multiple transformations. The transport and logistics sector is experiencing a huge transformation as due to market trends the new technological solutions come into everyday use. As the complexity of modern transport and logistics grows, it becomes increasingly difficult to understand what to focus on in the short- and long-term prospect and what to invest in.

Keywords: digital economy; digital technology; transport industry; national security; legal regulation of the digital environment.


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