Sudenko V. Technical-criminalistic provision of inspection of the place of accidents on railway transport

UDK: 343.132+343.985

Sudenko V. - associate professor of the department «Criminal law, criminal process and criminalistics» of Law Institute Russian University of Transport

Abstract. The most initial investigative action on disclosure of transport crimes and their further investigation is considered. Particular attention is drawn to the improvement of the effectiveness of the fight against these crimes through proper technical and forensic support of the production of individual investigative actions, first of all, inspection of the scene of the transport incident as one of the most important investigative actions, often determining whether the crime was committed or there is a perpetration. The article describes in detail the tactics of using not only traditional technical and forensic means, but also the latest technical means, including foreign production, during the inspection of the scene of a transport accident. Reveal the possibilities of technical means of the General and specially-criminal purpose for the purposes of crime detection and support of their investigation, including laser scanners, video endoscopes and others Provides recommendations for inclusion in the investigative team performing the site inspection accidents, specialists in various fields.

Keywords: transport crimes; inspection of the scene; detection and investigation of crimes; technical and forensic means; laser scanner Trimble TX5; video endoscope VS70; technical and forensic support; technical and forensic support of the investigation.


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