Viktor M. Koryakin. Scientific and methodological approaches to the development of a professional standard for a specialist in the field of railway transport security (part 2)

UDK: 656.265

Viktor M. Koryakin - Doctor of Law, professor, Russian University of Transport (MIIT)

Abstract. The current paper is a continuation and a final part of the same named paper published in the latter issue of the journal “Transport law and security”. The current paper has presented a rationale for the need to develop a professional standard for a specialist in the field of transport safety in railway transport and implement it into practice personnel activities in transport. Based on the study and comparative legal analysis of current professional standards in other areas of transport activity, there have been considered the main approaches to the formation of the structure and content of the professional standard “Specialist in the field of ensuring railway transport security”. There have been formulated the main labor functions and labor actions performed by this specialist, as well as the requirements for the skills and abilities that he must possess. There has been shown that the official approval and implementation of this professional standard will ensure uniform approaches to the formation of professional competencies among transport security specialists, will form a methodological basis for the development and implementation of relevant educational standards in the system of higher and secondary vocational education, as well as in the system of professional retraining and advanced training of specialists in this profile.

Keywords: transport security; railway transport; professional standard; labor functions; labor activities; knowledge, skills, abilities; educational standard.


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