Sergey Al. Semenov. Departmental security and transport security: relationship of concepts

UDK: 342.951:351.82

Sergey Al. Semenov - head of the Federal Agency for Maritime and River Transport

Abstract. In 2017 the author analyzed the differences between security and transport security, considered the issues of law enforcement and interconnection of regulatory legal acts. Taking into account the changes in the transport security legislation during this time, the obtained experience, the newly identified collisions, there has become necessary to return to this topic and correct the conclusions. The current paper has compared individual elements of the legal status of departmental security units and transport security units. Based on the analysis, there has been concluded that the legal status of departmental security units and transport security units is the same in terms of protecting transport infrastructure facilities from unlawful encroachments and from unlawful interference acts.

Keywords: transport security; departmental security; transport security units.


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