Zoya An. Tarasenko. Pledge accounts (registration of pledge notices) of a vehicle as one of the significant notarial actions

UDK: 347.466.3

Zoya An. Tarasenko - post graduate of the department ‘Administrative Law, Ecological Law, Information Law’ of the Law Institute of the Russian University of Transport

Abstract. The purpose of the current study is to analyze the legal status and legal status of a notary in the system of administrative and legal regulation of notaries in Russia using the example of the features of the notarial action of pledge accounts (registration of pledge notices) of a vehicle. There has been emphasized the importance of such a notarial action, since the creation of a notarial register of pledge notices makes it possible to check the credit purity of movable property, and then, it provides a clear criterion for the good faith of the buyer. With regard to the pledge accounts of vehicles in the notary system, there has been made significant improvement to provide individuals and legal entities with the purchase of vehicles, mechanisms, and other expensive property, before the conclusion of a sale and purchase contract and transfer of funds to the seller, the opportunity to check such property via the Internet and contact a notary for a copying from the register of notifications. Such a mechanism provides a buyer with the safest way possible, without an unfavorable outcome of the transaction and further litigation.

Keywords: notary; pledge; notarial actions; pledge notice; pledge accounts of a vehicle.


  1. Kolokolova O. N. Notarial'nyy protokol osmotra sayta — baza sudebnogo resheniya [Notarial protocol of site inspection - the basis of the court decision]// Administrator suda. — 2017. — № 4. — S. 17―21.

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