Sergey L. Lobachev, Oleg An. Malygin. Overview of distance learning platforms for the Russia’s transport universities

UDK: 378.1

Sergey L. Lobachev - Doctor of Technical Sciences, professor, head of the department ‘Information Technologies in Jurisprudence and management documentation’ of the Law Institute of the Russian University of Transport (MIIT)

Oleg An. Malygin - senior lecturer of the department ‘Information Technologies in Jurisprudence and management documentation’ of the Law Institute of the Russian University of Transport (MIIT)

Abstract. The current paper has considered the particular relevance of the implementation and use of distance learning systems (hereinafter referred to as DLS) in the educational process of transport universities in Russia, since this sphere is characterized with the territorial distribution and remoteness of its specialists from educational centers. Under these conditions, the transport education system should provide an advanced training opportunity for employees of the industry not only throughout the Russian Federation, but also anywhere in the world. Therefore, there has been raised a question about the analysis of decisions taken by transport universities in terms of the implementation of various DLS. Such a review and subsequent analysis of the made decisions will allow developing recommendations for their mutual integration and the formation of interuniversity programs of transport education in the context of the digitalization of the industry. The analysis of 20 universities in the transport industry has shown, that the Moodle platform was a dominant one both in its pure form and in the form of DLS, where the software add-ons were added to the basic configuration, which allowed hiding its technological features and providing users with an intuitive interface formed for each category of users. There has been established that a number of DLS platforms, which often appear in the lists of the most popular when organizing corporate training, were not included in the list of DLS used by universities. The revealed division of the sectors of corporate and higher distance learning at the level of the used platforms can serve as an obstacle to the formation of an industry educational environment, since the integration of higher education with corporate training is one of the promising areas in the training of the 21st century specialists, but it can be compensated for by access to open source dominant platform Moodle.

Keywords: distance educational technologies; distance learning platforms; integration of educational programs.


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