Andrey Ol. Ananenko. The main areas of improvement of legal regulation in the use of unmanned vehicles

UDK: 347.823.4

Andrey Ol. Ananenko - post graduate of the Law Institute of the Russian University of Transport

Abstract. The governments of many world countries are promoting the development of unmanned vehicles in their countries. As the technologies needed for automated, autonomous and connected vehicles are being developed, vehicle manufacturers and their suppliers face a number of new legal challenges. The current paper has reviewed some key legal issues related to the development and operation of such vehicles. The current paper has also considered the main directions of development of regulatory documents in the field of regulation of the use and application of unmanned vehicles. Taking into account the variety of unmanned vehicles, legal regulation in this area covers a wide range of legal relations, including civil aviation, land and water transport. The legal basis for the regulation of these public relations are the norms of domestic legislation and the norms of international legal acts implemented in it.

Keywords: unmanned vehicles; civil law regulation; legal liability in the use of unmanned vehicles.


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