Sergey F. Mazur, Elena V. Karpycheva. The application of professional standards by certain categories of staff as one of the means to enforce security of railway traffic and operation

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Sergey F. Mazur - Doctor of Law, professor, researcher of the Research Center of Academy of Management of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation

Elena V. Karpycheva - Candidate of Historical Sciences, docent, associate professor of the department 'Information technologies in jurisprudence and document supply of management' of the Law Institute of the Russian University of Transport

Abstract. In the current paper the authors have studied the goals, objectives, and the procedure for applying professional standards related to the activities of railway staff and enforcing security of this mode of transport. There has been conducted a comparative analysis of professional standards: a train attendant; a train electrician; a train safety inspector. There have been considered the generalized labor functions, labor skills, labor actions, as well as knowledge and skills regulated by the professional standards adopted to ensure the safety of passengers, goods, luggage, environmental safety. The analyzed professional standards are aimed to stimulate the staff to study and competently apply the regulatory legal and local regulatory acts that regulate safety organization on railway transport. The current paper has also analyzed the only sufficiency of official publication of orders of the Russian Ministry of Labor, which approved these professional standards, on the official Internet portal of legal information and on the official website of the Russian Ministry of Labor.

Keywords: transport safety; professional standards related to railway security enforcement; a train attendant; a train electrician; a train safety inspector.


  1. Dokumentovedeniye : uchebnik i praktikum dlya akademicheskogo bakalavriata [Documentation: a textbook and workshop for academic undergraduate] / L. A. Doronina [i dr.] ; pod redaktsiyey L. A. Doroninoy. — 2-ye izd. — Moskva : Izdatel'stvo Yurayt, 2019.

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