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Egorov Aleksandr P. An aircraft as an object of civil law: some problems of legal regulation

UDK: 347.82

Egorov Aleksandr P. - candidate applicant in law, postgraduate student at the Faculty of National Security The Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration (RANEPA)

Abstract. The article considers the theoretical aspects of the legal status of aircrafts as special objects of civil law. The criteria are substantiated in detail, according to which the aircraft, intended by their physical and economic properties for movement in space, are referred to real property. The main such criterion is an obligatory state registration of aircraft. The article substantiates that the aircraft begins to have the status of real estate after its individualization, i.e. after state registration. A significant place in the paper is devoted to the analysis of various definitions of “an aircraft” that are available in the literature. According to the results, the author has formulated his own definition, namely an aircraft is an aircraft maintained in the atmosphere due to interaction with air other than interaction with air reflected from the surface of the earth or water, and intended both for transporting passengers and (or) cargo, and for other purposes envisaged by its state registration.

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Artamonova Svetlana N. On the domestic experience of the organizational and legal regulation of the system controlling road traffic safety and its optimization due to modern threats

UDK: 656.13.08(075.8)

Artamonova Svetlana N. - candidate of Law, docent, associate professor of the Military University of the Ministry of Defence of Russia

Abstract. The study of the nature and contents of control and supervision, their manifestations in such a priority area of public administration as road safety is of extreme popularity. The current legislation does not contain the concept "federal government supervision over road traffic", and the legislator’s interpretation of its relationship with control in the area is not uniquely defined. At the same time, the violations of the mandatory requirements in the field of road traffic safety committed by the participants, legal entities and officials, individual entrepreneurs are still one of the main causes of road traffic injuries. The problem of ensuring road transport safety is particularly urgent, since it is one of the most important socio-economic and demographic issues of the Russian Federation, and its solution can help to implement a wide range of economic, organizational and educational measures. The article presents the analysis results of the organization’s experience and the regulatory legal regulation of the control system in the field of road transport safety, as well as the prospects for improving the controlling activity in this area, taking into account the latest threats.

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Dukhno N. The origins of transport security problems

UDK: 519.7

Dukhno N. - doctor of legal sciences, professor, director of the Law Institute of Russian University of transport, honorary worker of higher education of the Russian Federation

Abstract. Transport security is a concern for everyone, and we see how much effort and money is being spent to ensure the safe operation of the transport system. The main efforts to ensure transport security are focused on the application of engineering and technical measures, which in itself is the right direction. But to be limited to these methods and to ignore others means that the opportunities leading to security guarantees in transport are underutilized. The most unpredictable source of danger is the person, his behavior, poorly trained specialists-transport workers. In order to prevent threats, it is necessary to increase education and raise the legal culture of transport workers. All work on transport security should be carried out in a comprehensive manner, combining engineering and legal methods with other intellectual methods, which together form a guarantee of transport security.

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Popov V. Metro security: challenges and prospects

UDK: 656.2.08

Popov V. - senior lecturer at the department «Criminal law, criminal procedure and criminalistics» of the Law Institute of the Russian University of Transport (MIIT)

Abstract. The article deals with the issues of ensuring the safety of passenger transportation in the metro of Russia. On the basis of the analysis of security measures in the metro, carried out the last eight years in accordance with the requirements of the presidential Decree of March 31, 2010 № 403 «on the establishment of a comprehensive system of public security in transport» and the Government decree of the Russian Federation of April 5, 2017 No. 410 «On approval of requirements for ensuring transport safety, including requirements to anti-terrorist security of objects (territories), taking into account security levels for different categories of metros», is considered as positive points in the security of citizens, mainly aimed at protection from terrorism and negative, associated, as before, with high mortality and injury of passengers in subway stations. The reasons and conditions that influenced the lack of an integrated approach to transport security in the Russian metro are given, as well as recommendations that can contribute to its quality, based on the fact that the life and health of each individual passenger is the highest value of the rule of law.

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Semenov S. On the legal status of the free access sector zone of transport security

UDK: 342.951:351.82

Semenov S. - head of the FBU «Maritime Security Service»

Abstract. The law on transport security introduced the concept of «free access sector of the transport security zone». It is subject to requirements other than those for other sectors of the transport security zone. Legal regulation of the status of the free access sector of the transport security zone is currently insufficient, which negatively affects the protection of transport infrastructure of the road sector from acts of unlawful interference.

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Zhovtun D. Stress factors and transport safety

UDK: 625.1

Zhovtun D. - doctor of philosophicаl sciеnces, professor of the department «Social sciеnces and professional communication» of Russian Univеrsity of Transport

Abstract. The article discusses the impact of stress factors on safety in the field of transport activity. Transport security is determined by many factors. Each of them requires careful study. But it is especially dangerous to coincide at the same time and in the same place, which leads to disastrous consequences. Stress factors in the transport security system require special attention. This is the so-called "human factor", which is reduced to most of the causes of transport accidents.

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Sudenko V. Technical-criminalistic provision of inspection of the place of accidents on railway transport

UDK: 343.132+343.985

Sudenko V. - associate professor of the department «Criminal law, criminal process and criminalistics» of Law Institute Russian University of Transport

Abstract. The most initial investigative action on disclosure of transport crimes and their further investigation is considered. Particular attention is drawn to the improvement of the effectiveness of the fight against these crimes through proper technical and forensic support of the production of individual investigative actions, first of all, inspection of the scene of the transport incident as one of the most important investigative actions, often determining whether the crime was committed or there is a perpetration. The article describes in detail the tactics of using not only traditional technical and forensic means, but also the latest technical means, including foreign production, during the inspection of the scene of a transport accident. Reveal the possibilities of technical means of the General and specially-criminal purpose for the purposes of crime detection and support of their investigation, including laser scanners, video endoscopes and others Provides recommendations for inclusion in the investigative team performing the site inspection accidents, specialists in various fields.

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Bobovkin M., Dulskaya V. Manufacture of forensic and surprising expertise in the customs bodies of Russia in transport

UDK: 339.5:343.98

Bobovkin M. - doctor of law, professor, professor of the department «Criminal Law, Criminal Procedure and criminology» of Law Institute of the Russian University of Transport

Dulskaya V. - undergraduate of Law Institute of the Russian University transport

Abstract. The article describes the possibilities and specifics of the forensic handwriting expertise in the customs bodies of the Russian Federation in transport. The authors disclose the concept and subject of forensic handwriting expertise in the investigation of customs crimes in transport. The system of tasks, direct objects and comparative materials of handwriting studies of manuscripts are defined. Much attention is paid to the method of forensic handwriting examination and typical mistakes in its production.

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Mamonova M. The strategy of innovative development of railway transport in the Russian Federation

UDK 656.003

Mamonova M. - graduate of the of the Law Institute Russian University of transport

Abstract. In the article the basic factors, which characterize a special role of innovation activity for the effective functioning of railway industry, are considered. The necessity of innovation development of the railway transport in Russia is proven.

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Novikova O. Methods of transportation of narcotic drugs

UDK 343.57

Novikova O. - phd in law, associate professor of the department «Criminal law, criminal procedure and criminology» of the Law Institute of the Russian University of transport

Abstract. This article discusses the existing types of transportation of drugs, specify the methods of transportation, which are the most common, and what is the danger for those who directly transport them. The emphasis is also placed on the work of law enforcement agencies, which are obliged to constantly seek new ways to control drug trafficking and improve ways of their disclosure.

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