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Morkovkin Dmitriy Ev. Creation of an integrated transport and logistics system as the basis of Russia’s economic security and sustainable socio-economic development

UDK: 338.001.36

Morkovkin Dmitriy Ev. - candidate of Economics, associate professor of the department "Customs Law and Organization of the Customs Affairs", Law Institute, Russian University of Transport (MIIT)

Abstract. Further development of the Russian economy and the development of the northern, Siberian and Far Eastern territories and new facilities of the mineral resource base in particular, becomes impossible when using the present transport and logistics system of the country. Therefore, there is an urgent necessity to develop transport, logistics, infrastructure as a basis for the growth of the economic potential of the country's territories. The article provides conceptual directions to develop the logistics system of the Russian Federation, to form a unified system of merchandize transportation, to create a logistics infrastructure and to promote further development of the entire economy of the country on this basis. It has been proposed to create and develop a unified transport and logistics system of Russia on the basis of the program-target approach. It is expedient to develop the governmental program "Enforcement of Logistics in the Russian Federation until 2030", in which it is necessary to envisage a comprehensive development of all types of transport, logistics infrastructure, traffic arteries and related industries, service facilities, social infrastructure; to set up a federal logistics center, which will secure a single product distribution policy and will run a unified transport and logistics system; to establish an international transportation center. The implementation of all mentioned above measures will create the basis for further sustainable development of energy, industry, agriculture, i.e. it will be a strong incentive to transform the economy of the whole country.

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Pravkin Sergey A., Astremsky Andrey D. Improvement of the transport system through the development of mechanisms of government-private partnership

UDK: 338.47:656.2

Pravkin Sergey A. - candidate of Law, docent, associate professor of the department "Administrative Law, Ecological Law, Information Law", Law Institute, Russian University of Transport (MIIT)

Astremsky Andrey D. - candidate of Economics, docent, associate professor of the department "Customs Law and Organization of the Customs Affairs", Law Institute, Russian University of Transport (MIIT)

Abstract. The article analyzes the basic models which reduce the risks of economic activities in the implementation of the Transport Strategy for the period up to 2030 in projects based on public-private partnership that can rise the value and role of the competitive environment in the economy and increase the pace of the entire transport system development. The financing problems of the investment projects through public-private partnership in the transport sector are considered, and the mechanism of coordination of public-private objectives and interests in the projects are studied. The author makes a comparative legal analysis of transport and investment legislation of the public-private partnership agreements. The effective development of the transport system when implementing the Transport Strategy is associated with the necessity to develop various forms of the negotiated agreements on public-private partnership. There have been proposed measures and forms of interaction among public authorities and investors when implementing transport projects. The implementation of a joint Transport strategy using the mechanism of public-private partnership can result in budget burden decrease by attracting private investment in socially important sectors of the economy. The mechanism of public-private partnership in the transport sector will give an opportunity to attract real investments into transport industry. Improvement of the mechanism of public-private partnerships expands participation of transport companies in the investment activities and in modernization of the infrastructure. According to the analysis of the application of existing transport and investment legislation, one can make a conclusion about a certain defect of the implementation of the public-private partnership mechanism in transport, including the fact of insufficient use of fiscal policy measures. To implement the Transport strategy effectively it has been proposed to use measures of fiscal stimulus.

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Shumaev V. The need for the development of transport and infrastructure to lift economy of Russia

UDK: 656.078

Shumaev V. - doctor of economic sciences, professor department of «Customs law and customs organization of the Law Institute of Russian University of Transport, academician of RANS

Abstract. The necessity of development of transport, its infrastructure, the consequences of this development in the form of the rise of industrial and agricultural production in some regions and in the country as a whole, as well as innovative technologies of infrastructure for the recovery of the Russian economy.

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