Iliya S. Krylov. On approaches to the classification of public order violations committed in transport

UDK: 343.343.3

Iliya S. Krylov - Main Directorate for Transport of the MIA of Russia

Abstract. The current paper has made attempts to reveal the specifics and approaches to establishing a characteristic sign of crimes infringing on public order, committed in transport. Taking into account the generalization of the provisions of normative legal acts in the field of transport and judicial and investigative practice, there has been proposed the author’s position on the practical use of the concepts of “vehicle”, “public transport” for the classification of hooliganism and vandalism committed in transport.

Keywords: public order violation in transport; hooliganism; vandalism.


  1. Truntsevskiy, YU. V. Normativno-pravovoye opredeleniye obshchestvennogo mesta ob"yektov transportnoy infrastruktury kak mesta soversheniya prestupleniya [Regulatory and legal definition of a public place of transport infrastructure objects as a crime scene] / YU. V. Truntsevskiy, R. V. Poltarygin // Zhurnal rossiyskogo prava. — 2017. — № 9.
  2. Materialy nadzornykh proizvodstv po ugolovnym delam o prestupleniyakh, predusmotrennykh punktom «v» chasti 1 stat'i 213 UK, rassledovannykh podrazdeleniyami doznaniya UT MVD Rossii po federal'nym okrugam, Vostochno-Sibirskogo i Zabaykal'skogo LU MVD Rossii na transporte v period 2017—2022 gg. [Materials of supervisory proceedings in criminal cases on crimes provided for in paragraph "c" of part 1 of Article 213 of the Criminal Code, investigated by the investigation units of the Department of Inquiry of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia for the federal districts, the East Siberian and Trans-Baikal LU of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia in transport in the period 2017―2022].

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